Your Secrets to A Successful SLDLB Business (2 of 3)

So in the last section I mentioned the first of 2 HUGE “secrets” to becoming massively successful with your Step Ladder Downline Builder business, developing a positive mindset toward your SLDLB business.

In this section we’ll examine ways you can develop a positive mindset of business success, health and wealth.

I’ll just get right to it…

1) Control Your Imagination: Isn’t it true that we are free to use our imagination the way we please? But if you think about it for a second, doesn’t it seem as if our imagination is using us instead! How else would you explain situations where people mostly think up all of these negative outcomes for their endeavors, rather than positive ones?

Don’t these people know that it takes as much effort to imagine successful, positive scenarios as it does to imagine fearful, negative ones? If you know this, and you know what affect the mindset can have on your actions, wouldn’t you rather use your creative mind (your imagination) to ‘manufacture’ constructive thoughts rather than destructive ones?

2) Remain Positive & Optimistic: Be determined from the get-go that no matter what happens, you’ll respond with a positive attitude. Focus on what good there is to be found in every situation… and there always is good.

Even in your relationship with people, focus on their good aspects and don’t expect too much. And in your business, the fact that a particular strategy didn’t deliver expected results doesn’t mean the business as a whole is a failure. Simply try another means of achieving that same result.

Say you tried generating leads using social media and didn’t see much success. Don’t just assume that leads are inherently hard or impossible to generate. With a mindset that says IT CAN BE DONE, you’ll quickly move on to other methods.

A positive mindset might even allow you to reexamin your approach to that same approach that initially failed. In a nutshell, a positive mindset will always find a way around a problem, whereas a negative mindset only sees every little obstacle as a reason to quit.

3) Expect The Best For Your Business: In life we often get what we confidently expect. Not that it happens miraculously, but our subconscious mind has a way of coloring our actions in ways that determine what we get in life, whether good or bad.

So have the belief that your SLDLB business is set up for success. Your whole being will key into this mindset and will channel your physical, mental, and spiritual energies toward thoughts that will make success a reality.

But if on the other hand you fear the worst for your business, well, your mind will keep presenting you with thoughts that could confirm what you are afraid of! I always say, “Whatever you believe will happen, will.” It’s just the way the human mind has been programed to work.

As a home business owner, your mindset sure counts for something. No, it doesn’t replace the need to work hard to achieve success. But your set of thoughts toward your business, if positive, will keep you firmly on the path to success.

What’s the other HUGE “secret” to becoming massively successful with your SLDLB Network Marketing business?

Find out in the next section.

Until then,

Stay positive.

Ken Norwood
Step Ladder Downline Builder Admin

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