Want to add your own opportunity?

Did you know that you can add 2 of your own opportunities to promote on your SLDLB website?  Maybe you already have.  But there’s something you should know when adding your own opportunity in your SLDLB members’ area.

While some of you may add a blog or a personal informational site, the majority of you will add some type of affiliate or network marketing opportunity that includes a username or ID# in the web address.  When adding these types of opportunities to your SLDLB members’ area it is important to remember that when your SLDLB referrals join your added opportunity they will add their username/ID# to the provided field in their own SLDLB members’ area so they can promote that opportunity for themselves as well as for you.  So it is very important to add the correctly formatted url in your SLDLB members’ area.

While adding a new program replace your affiliate id with {affiliateid} in the website url so that it can automatically get replaced when the users add their own username or affiliate id for that program.

For example, if your affiliate url is

Then write it as
so that it will automatically get replaced with members affiliate id when they promote there affiliate url of your website.

After the URL has been entered you simply just need to update your username/ID# in the affiliate box.

Please keep in mind that if your URL is not properly formatted it may not be approved.

To your success!
Ken Norwood
Step Ladder Downline Builder Admin

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