The First Opportunity Is The Most Important One.

Thank you for being a part of The Step Ladder Downline Builder.

I just wanted to talk about something very important… your first opportunity in SLDLB.

Now, you might already be a member of All In One Profits. And that’s fine. But if you are not, then you need to go to your SLDLB members’ office, click on AIOP & become a member now.

There are 2 reasons why AIOP is SLDLB‘s first opportunity on the list.  The first reason?… it’s all in the follow up. It all starts with list building & promotion. And AIOP allows you to do just that.

With AIOP you are able to collect your prospects info, follow up with them using automatically timed emails with appropriate info, allowing them to make a sound decision. It’s one of the biggest keys to success in your SLDLB business.

There are many ways to follow up. In person, over the telephone, through social media, text message… and, whenever we can leverage automation to help us follow up – it’s a bonus! Email campaigns are just such a tool.

An email campaign is a set of emails that “drip” on your prospects automatically, and on schedule. Your Step Ladder Downline Builder business includes PRE-WRITTEN ready-to-use email campaigns, via AIOP! These emails will engage and inform your contacts for weeks – to help you grow your SLDLB business! You can add or edit messages, and even create new campaigns – but these are 100% ready to go.

Email campaigns are terrific at assisting you with follow up, branding and helping to move your contacts through the sales process.

The 2nd reason AIOP is the first opportunity is because of it’s powerful compensation plan.  I won’t go into great details here, you can check it out on the AIOP website.  But I’ll just say with an inexpensive monthly fee & an even up, 100% commissions paid plan… you’ll be climbing that financial ladder in no time.

So again, I can’t say enough just how important your first SLDLB opportunity is. If you aren’t an AIOP member yet then you need to go to your SLDLB members’ office right now, click on AIOP & become a member.

Then follow the directions in you SLDLB members’ area & climb the Step Ladder so you can join the next opportunity as soon as possible.

To your success!
Ken Norwood
Step Ladder Downline Builder Admin

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