Monthly vs. 1-Time Purchases

You may have noticed that the opportunities in your SLDLB members area are a mixture of monthly purchases & 1-time purchases.

Personally, I prefer the opportunities where I make monthly purchases.

Why?  Well, answer me this.  Would you rather receive a 1-time commission of $100?  Or a commission of $50 every single month for many years to come?

Of course, I’m making up these specific numbers for this example.  But I think you get my point.

1-Time purchases mean 1-Time commissions.  Up front money.  However, once you are paid, that’s it.  No more commissions from that same customer again.  True, you won’t be making any more payments, but in order to get paid you must get another customer to get that 1-time commission.

Monthly purchases mean monthly commissions.  Think of it as a 1-time commission except it’s a 1-time commission… every month.  It’s up front money… every month.  You don’t need to find (as many) new customers to be paid every month because you get paid every month from the same customer.

You could find one customer and be paid 1-time $100 and that would be it.  Or, you could find one customer, be paid $50, then be paid another $50 the next month, then be paid another $50 the next month, etc.  Now these examples assume the same type of compensation plan (Matrix, 1UP, 2UP, Even/Odd Up, cycle, etc.)  But again, I think you get my point.

Sometimes the 1-time commissions are bigger because the purchase price is higher (“Big Ticket Item”).  You may get a lot of money right away.  Especially when you have multiple customers coming into your business.  And that quick money is great for whatever you may need it for.  Pay some bills.  Pay off some debt.  Buy that fancy shiny “thing” you always wanted.  (Ahem) Enter a new SLDLB opportunity with monthly payments.  But in the long run it’s all about… well, longevity.  Whereas the 1-time commissions are all about quick money.  Or maybe even a good run before it slows down drastically.

SLDLB incorporates a mixture of both strategies.  For simplicity it would have been nice to start off with a 1-time opportunity.  That would be easier on your pocket for the slow starters.  But it is crucial to start with the opportunity that allows you to use the tools to promote your SLDLB business.  Those tools are found in All In One Profits.  And they have a phenomenal compensation plan that pays monthly.  In fact, once you have 2 people in your AIOP payline you will always be in profit.  No more out of pocket purchases for all the SLDLB opportunities.  Just follow the steps.

To try to keep it as simple as possible on your pockets, especially for you slow starters, the 2nd opportunity is a 1-time purchase opportunity.  As your business grows you will earn & save some money so you will be able to enter the next opportunity.  After that the opportunities (pretty much) rotate from monthly to 1-time to monthly to 1-time, etc.  This balances your outgoing purchases & maximizes your incoming earnings.

I hope this helps you have a better understanding & appreciation for your SLDLB business.  Simply follow the steps & watch your income grow.

To our success.

Ken Norwood
Step Ladder Downline Builder Admin